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Can a Pergola Have a Solid Roof?

can a pergola have a solid roof

Pergolas are a traditionally picturesque structure that includes a crossbeam or latticed covering. This sort of roof is really attractive and makes it possible for vines and other plants to grow all around the structure. The downside of this roof is that it doesn’t provide complete shade or protection from the elements.

Can a pergola have a solid roof? Yes. You could add a solid roof to a pergola, but it may be mistaken for a pavilion. Either way, pergolas with solid roofs are typically smaller than pavilions and placed in a garden, which is why they retain their pergola title.

To find out more about pergolas with a covered roof, read on. In this article, we go over what you call pergolas with certain roof types, putting a flat roof on a pergola, and if you need planning permission to add this sort of structure to your yard. Let’s get started.

What Is a Pergola With a Roof Called?

In most cases, a pergola with the roof will still be called a pergola. If the roof is made from lattice or other crossbeam-type materials, the structure will certainly be called a pergola. Adding a flat and completely covered roof to the pergola, however, confuses the title a bit.

If you add a flat covering to the pergola ceiling, it may be mistaken for a pavilion. A pavilion is similar to a pergola, with the exception that the roof is always completely covered. Still, pavilions tend to be rather large, whereas pergolas are small.

If you add a flat covering to a small pergola, people will likely still refer to it as a pergola. If the pergola is really large and has a flat covering, however, most people will call it a pavilion. Keeping the pergola shaped round, hexagonal, or octagonal will especially help the structure retain its pergola status.

We know that this is not an exact answer to your question, but an exact answer does not exist. Unfortunately, naming outside structures is a bit difficult because most people use the names in different ways. So long as you stick to a smaller size structure, the structure will likely be called a pergola, even if it has a flat roof.

This pergola comes with a permanent hard top roof which is also adjustable. It comes with instructions and all the tools necessary to craft the pergola, or a third party installation service can be purchased.

Can I Put a Flat Roof on a Pergola?

Yes. It is possible to put a flat roof on a pergola. In fact, most pergola roofs are generally flat, even if they have openings. Traditionally, pergolas have a lattice-type roof. This sort of roof enables the pergola to have a lot of ventilation and space for vines to grow up the structure.

The downside of the traditional pergola structure is that it does not provide proper shading or protection from rain if the vines are not completely covering the lattice materials. This can make it difficult to sit underneath the pergola in peace.

Because of this difficulty with the traditional pergola structure, many people add a flat covering that resembles more of a traditional ceiling or roof. This complete coverage is not traditionally found in pergolas but is found in pavilions instead.

Even though this is not the traditional design for pergolas, you can certainly add it to your pergola. You may need to custom make the pergola or DIY it. Either way, you certainly can add a completely flat and closed covering to your pergola.

How to Add a Covering to Your Pergola

Adding a covering to your pergola is relatively easy. If your pergola is premade or already set up, you can simply attach a covering above the latticed or beamed work. It’s important to match the covering material to the material used on the rest of the pergola so that it looks more natural.

If you are able to remove the lattice and the original beam at the top, this may make the ceiling look smoother, but this step is completely optional. The benefit of removing the lattice is that it will create a much more uniform appearance. Still, many people might want to leave the latticework because it creates a textured ceiling from the inside.

The most ideal scenario if you want a pergola with a flat covering is to get a specially made pergola or make one yourself from the beginning. This will allow you to have complete control over the pergola design, and you won’t have to go back and make any alterations.

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Pergola With a Roof?

If you are planning on installing a pergola with a roof in your backyard, you may need planning permission and a permit. This depends on your local laws, HOA rules, and the size of the structure you plan to install.

If your pergola is small and placed in your garden, you probably won’t need as many permits or permissions to install it. This is especially true if you select a lattice roof. If you have a more permanent and flatter roof, you want to check with your HOA rules and local ordinances to determine if you need a permit.

Most likely, you will need to place the pergola a certain number of feet away from your fence. This will be mandated by the HOA. Other than that, planning permits will be minimal if the pergola is small and not attached to your home.

On the other hand, you will likely need much more permission and planning if you are attaching a pergola with a roof to your home. Anything that is attached to the building will need to be approved by your city or state officials. More so, certain HOA rules will stipulate how it should look and more.

To find out exactly what you need to do when installing a pergola with a roof, it is best to begin by contacting your city officials. Your city officials will give you the basic code requirements based on your city, county, and state. They can also give you more resources so you can find out more information.

Once you talk to your officials, you need to contact your HOA, if you have one. Your HOA will also have stipulations and rules, most of which will fall in line with city policies. You need to be in line with both the government requirements, as well as the HOA requirements.

Final Thoughts

Pergolas are a really stunning addition to add to any home. Traditionally, they have a beamed or latticed roof that allows ventilation and vines to grow. Although this is less traditional, you can certainly add a flat roof to your pergola. A flat roof will provide more shading and coverage than a traditional roof.

If you want a pergola to have a flat roof while still being called a pergola, you have to make sure the structure is a bit on the small side. If not, it can easily be mistaken for a pavilion. Making sure the structure remains small can help it retain the pergola status.

In the case that you are thinking about adding a pergola with the roof to your yard, remember that you will need to get permission from city officials and your HOA. Although this may be a bit annoying, it will ensure that you stay within local guidelines, preventing you from paying fees in the future.

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