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Can a Satellite Dish Overhang My Property?

Can a Satellite Dish Overhang My Property

Having a satellite dish is a great way to have access to more TV channels. However, it’s not so great when you come home to see that your neighbors have got a new satellite dish and it’s sticking out onto your property. Can a satellite dish overhang my property?

When a satellite dish is installed, it’s only supposed to be on the client’s property. It’s not allowed to overhang onto a neighbor’s lot. Even though the satellite is in the air, the property line has still been drawn and this is considered trespassing. 

Are you here because a neighbor’s satellite is hanging over onto your property (or vice versa)? We’re going to cover all the information you need so you know what to do in this situation. Keep reading to learn more.

Can You Make a Neighbor Remove a Satellite Dish That Overhangs Your Property?

If you recently discovered that your neighbors had a satellite dish installed and it overhangs your property, they are in the wrong. After all, they have no right to use your property for an addition to their home.

The first thing you should do is have a conversation with your neighbor because they may not be aware that the dish is hanging over your side.

While the company that installed the satellite dish is supposed to get the customer’s permission before deciding on a spot for installation, many installers rush through the job and don’t get the customers to sign off.

Before you take any legal action, we suggest speaking to your neighbors to give them a chance to have the situation rectified.

If you let your neighbors know and they don’t take any action to remove the satellite dish so it no longer hangs on your property, you may be able to file legal action.

Some states will allow you to file a nuisance action because the satellite is interrupting your enjoyment of your property. We suggest speaking to a local lawyer to discuss the laws in your area.

When a neighbor attaches an item to their property that erects onto your property, it counts as interference. However, the action that you can take will depend on your state’s laws.

Does a Satellite Dish Have to Be on a Roof?

Roofs are the ideal place to install a satellite dish because it’s important that nothing interferes with the signal. However, if you were to speak with a professional roofer, they would recommend not to install a satellite on your roof.

There are quite a few reasons why they recommend finding another spot to install a satellite dish.

If you want a satellite dish, but want to make sure it doesn’t interfere with your neighbor’s property, you may be tempted to place it on your roof. However, this may cause more problems than you realize.

  • Satellite dishes can’t be mounted to shingles, so it requires the homeowners to install a metal rack. This can be problematic because it requires drilling holes in the underlayer of the roof which allows water to seep in.
  • Satellites are at a higher risk of damage anytime there is a storm.
  • Installation could cause more moisture to get into the roof if you live in a humid climate. 
  • Installing a satellite rack can void any warranty you have on your roof.
  • Satellite installers may not be licensed to remove a satellite dish from a roof when you cancel your services.

Where Should Satellite Dishes Be Installed?

Are you planning on having a satellite dish installed? While you may think you can trust the satellite installer to pick the perfect location, this isn’t always the case. Many installers will choose the easiest location, even if that means the dish is overhanging onto your neighbor’s land.

If you want to have a satellite installed, you should choose the location you want before arranging the appointment.

While the installer may have suggestions to add to where you place it to receive the best signal, you can make sure it’s not in a spot that will bother your neighbors.

The best way to install a satellite dish is to mount it to a pole that is near your home. However, if that’s not an option for you, you’re not out of luck. You may be able to get a good signal by installing the satellite dish on the side of your house or garage.

However, always take measurements first if the dish is going to be facing a neighbor’s property. You don’t want it to overhang their land.

Not only does this look bad, but it can also interfere with their garden or any other home project they are working on.

Another area where you can install a satellite dish without interfering with your neighbor’s property is our home’s fascia.

This is the trim that’s installed around the roof of your home. It has enough room to hold a satellite without causing damage to your home’s roof.

Final Thoughts

Can a satellite dish overhang my property? Your neighbor’s satellite dish isn’t allowed to overhang onto your property. If your neighbor recently had a satellite dish installed and it’s sticking over onto your land, they are in the wrong. This is considered an interference of your enjoyment and depending on the laws in your state, you may be able to file a nuisance claim.

However, we strongly suggest you speak to your neighbors about the issue first. There is a possibility that they were unaware the company was installing their new dish in a spot that would interfere with your property. Filing a lawsuit before speaking to them about the problem could make living in the neighborhood very uncomfortable moving forward.

There are many places in which a homeowner can install a satellite dish on their property, so there is no excuse for your neighbors to have their dish overhanging on your property. If they decide not to move it or give you a hard time, you will need to contact a local lawyer. 

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