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Can You Put a BBQ Cover in the Washing Machine?

Can You Put a BBQ Cover inside the Washing Machine

Most of us store our grills outdoors in places like backyards or garages. This makes the grills prone to damage due to weather and other factors such as dirt and dust. Hence, people use grill covers to protect their grills from mold or other damages.

However, it’s important to note that leaving a BBQ cover on the grill alone isn’t the only solution to a fresh, hygienic, and healthy barbecue set up for you. The cover must be cleaned from time to time – preferably after every use so that it’s easier for you to use in the future.

Some people instinctively put the covers in their washing machines, but can you put a BBQ cover in the washing machine? Yes you can put your BBQ cover in the washing machine as long as all of the special washing instructions are followed that are on your covers label. However, not all BBQ covers should be put into the washing machine. In this case, it is highly recommended to hand wash or hand clean your BBQ cover.

Luckily, there are a lot of different cleaning techniques that you can use to clean BBQ covers that don’t involve putting it into the washing machine, such as using bleach, a grill cleaning agent, and a sponge.

How to Clean a BBQ Cover

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To ensure that your grill is clean and safe from any dust, debris, or rain, it is crucial to clean the cover thoroughly before placing it over your grill for use in the future.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to clean your BBQ covers.

1- Clean Off Leftover Food or Debris

The first step to cleaning a BBQ cover is to ensure there is no debris or leftover food particles on it. If there are, these need to be brushed off thoroughly before starting the proper cleaning process.

2- Use a Sponge and Cleaning Detergent

By using a sponge, transfer the cleaning detergent to the grill cover. Do remember that the detergent shouldn’t have any chemicals that may end up damaging the cover.

We recommend using a BBQ cleaner like Simple Green Heavy Duty BBQ and Grill Cleaner. It does a great job at cutting through any grease and dirt that may have accumulated on your BBQ’s cover.

3- Let the Cleaner Sit

Once the detergent has been transferred onto the cover, let it sit for a couple of minutes, so the cleaner absorbs into the fabric and makes it easier for you to clean off any dirt particles.

4- Use a Brush and Sponge on Stains

Look for all the stains on your cover. Once you have identified all the spots, use a sponge and brush to remove these stains. Your sponge and brush should be soft and not have any hard bristles so the cover does not get damaged.

All the tools used in the process must be non-abrasive, which means they should not contain any harsh chemicals and rather be more organic to give the best results.

5- Rinse off Your BBQ Cover

Once the detergent has done its part, the next step is rinsing it off. For this, you can just use a simple bucket of water or keep it under tap water with a hose to thoroughly rinse off all of the detergent.

6- Let it Dry

Finally, leave the cover under the sun to dry. This is an important step because if left even a little wet or damp, mildew can form on the cover. Hence, the covers should be thoroughly dried.

After completing this entire process, if you still see any stains left on the cover, repeat the same steps. This will result in a spotless, neat, and tidy cover for your grill, which can easily be used again in the next season.

How to Clean a Moldy BBQ Cover

Often, due to the high amounts of oil and grease used in these grills, the grill covers develop mold on them when they are left unwashed. These covers should not be put into washing machines in particular because the grease can not only spoil the cover itself but can also spoil the machine if it gets stuck inside rather than flowing out with the water.

The following is a simple 6-step guide on how to clean a moldy grill cover:

Step 1

To clean mold, you can use vinegar or ammonia in place of a cleaning detergent. Identify the spots covered with molds and directly pour vinegar or ammonia on them through a spray bottle or any other possible alternative. 

Step 2

Let it sit for about an hour so that the liquid completely absorbs into the molds, making it easier to clean them.

Step 3

Next, just take water, put a few drops of detergent in it, and use the mixture to thoroughly clean the cover, so no other debris or food is left on it.

Step 4

If you still see any spots left with molds, just spray some more ammonia or vinegar on them.

Step 5

Once the liquid does its magic and the molds start washing off, they will leave a green or blackish stain on the cover. Wash these stains with the same detergent water used in the steps above and gently brush.

Step 6

Lastly, rinse the cover thoroughly with water and let it dry for a couple of hours before placing it on your grill!

Cleaning Different Types of BBQ Covers

Every grill cover is made of different materials, such as vinyl and polyester. However, there are no vast differences in how to clean covers made of different materials. A few steps may vary, but other than that, the procedure is pretty much the same.

Vinyl Covers

In case you have a vinyl grill cover, the amount of water used in the cleaning process should be less than usual. The more water you use, the easier it is for the material to crack.

Fleece Covers

Fleece lining covers are made from materials that are more prone to developing mildew or mold. Hence, they should be left out to dry for a longer time than covers of other materials to ensure they are thoroughly dried.

Polyester Covers

Polyester covers take a relatively lesser time to dry as compared to other materials. So, you don’t have to leave them out for long.  

Protecting Your Grill Covers

You may be protecting your grill with a grill cover, but how are you protecting your grill covers? The best way to do so is by applying a silicone water-guard to your grill cover as soon as you get it.

This will enhance the cover’s ability to repel water and slow down any wear and tear that comes with the weather conditions. Just make sure that you let the silicone dry properly before you use it.

Final Thoughts

Never put your BBQ cover in the washing machine as you may risk ruining it altogether. Instead, use simple cleaning agents like bleach or grill cleaners to effectively remove dirt, grime, and grease buildup on your BBQ’s cover.

The 6-step procedures given above will help keep your BBQ cover clean and free from damage. People often only focus on cleaning the grill and not the covers, resulting in molds and other hygienic substances forming.

Investing in a grill can be a lifetime investment. However, using dirty grill covers can cause your grill to deteriorate sooner than it would. Every time you use the grill, follow these simple steps, and you’ll be good to go. Happy grilling and happy cleaning!

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