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Can You Put a Regular Microwave in an RV?

can you put a regular microwave in an rv

Your RV is meant to provide you all the comforts of home while you’re on a road trip. While a lot of people enjoy camping, not everyone enjoys getting too close to nature. An RV can allow a person to enjoy being out in the wild, all while knowing they have a safe and comfortable spot to go back to. 

Now, you can’t pack all your appliances in an RV. Certain comforts from home, like laundry facilities and electric fireplaces, need to stay there. This leaves many people wondering about their kitchen appliances. Can you put a regular microwave in an RV? You can use a regular microwave in an RV as long as it suits your needs in terms of size and space needed. Most RV microwaves are designed with size in mind to be able to fit in smaller spaces.

A microwave can make many tasks in the kitchen easier, which is why they are great to have in an RV. If the microwaves operate with less than 700 watts, it is able to operate on a generator or full-capacity battery. In this case, it’s best to use a convection microwave because they cook much faster. Keep reading to learn more about using a regular microwave in an RV.

What Is The Difference Between An RV Microwave And A Regular Microwave?

At first glance, you may not notice a difference between a regular and an RV microwave. You may be scratching your head and thinking that this sounds oddly similar to a convection microwave, and essentially it is. The main difference is the size and that RV microwaves will also come with trim and a panel to make installation in the RV easier.

RV microwaves are also sometimes designed to be more efficient because they are able to heat up the food quicker while using a lower temperature. They do this by eliminating the cool air and surrounding the food with heated air. 

When it comes to prices, RV microwaves are usually a higher cost than regular microwaves even though they are smaller. This is because they come with additional parts to make sure the installation processes go smoothly. Some people even pay an extra fee to have the RV microwave installed to make things easier for themselves.

This 900 Watt Microwave is specifically designed for RV use, and is also a direct replacement for High Pointe and GreyStone.

How Many Watts Is an RV Microwave? 

When RV microwaves are built, they are designed to be used on systems with limited electricity. For that reason, an RV microwave will always run on less than 1000 watts. It’s important to remember that a smaller microwave will use fewer watts. 

These microwaves are designed so they don’t drain your power source when you need to heat up some food. For this reason, many RV owners prefer to find smaller microwaves for their travels. Most RV microwaves will come in compacts that range from 0.5 to 1.5 cubic feet. However, most models are 1 cubic foot or less.

How Do I Use My Convection Microwave in My RV?

The RV’s convection microwave is basically like having two appliances in one, which is why so many RV owners love it. It has all the necessary functions of a microwave, so you can melt your butter or reheat some leftovers.

What you may not have known is that you put the RV microwave on the convection setting, it works like a regular oven but much differently. You see, the food you cook won’t come out soggy like most microwave-cooked foods tend to do. Instead, the food you cook will come out nice and crispy as though it were cooked in an oven.

You can use the convection microwave instead of an oven for cooking food in your RV, which greatly reduces the amount of power needed to make a meal. While the food you make will taste like it was cooked in the oven, the process is actually a lot different.

The convection microwave works differently than an oven because it doesn’t just blast heat into the cavity. Instead, it uses fans to take the heat and circulate it around the food. The heat will end up moving over and under the food to cook it to perfection. 

Why Do RV Microwaves Use Less Power?

RV microwaves are designed to use less power than the ones in your kitchen because the RV battery can only handle so much power compared to your electrical system at home. Your home’s electrical system can usually handle around 200 amps of power, where an RV can only handle 30 to 50 amps. 

This means that the average microwave has the potential to use up nearly 25 percent of the available power your RV has to offer. If you were to use that microwave while another person is using some of the limited power the RV has, then you could overwhelm the system. This is likely to cause a circuit to break and then you’ll be without power.

Since it’s not practical to expect everyone to stop what they are doing when you need to heat up some leftover pizza, RV microwaves are made to use less power than a regular model. A lot of RVs are operated by a battery, so owners are cautious not to go over the number of amps they have available. 

How Are RV Microwaves and Regular Microwaves Similar?

There is a distinct difference in size and watts used, but there are some similarities between an RV microwave and a regular microwave. They are both very helpful appliances to make your cooking experiences easier. When you need to heat up food quickly, both appliances will do the trick. 

When it comes to getting a hot meal on the table quickly, both styles of microwaves are much faster than any other appliances on the market. However, they are much more effective for heating up pre-cooked food rather than cooking a whole meal. When in a pinch though, they can be used for cooking good-tasting pasta or popcorn.

Final Thoughts

When you invest in an RV, you probably want it to have many of the things you use in your daily life at home. Even though you may be camping, it’s still nice to have comfortable sleeping arrangements and a place to heat up your food. This is why many people won’t leave home unless their RV has a microwave. 

RV microwaves are available, but the high price may scare people off. If you need to, you can still use a regular microwave in an RV. However, it’s important to make sure that its compact enough to fit where you will be using it.

To get the most amount of heat without using as much electricity, try to make sure the microwave you use in an RV is convection. Instead of draining power by continuously blasting the heat at your food, it will use fans to circulate the heat around your food.

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