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Can You Ride an Electric Bike Like a Normal Bike?

can you ride an electric bike like a normal bike

Biking is something you can do alone, with friends, together with your family, for fun or as means of transportation. It provides great exercise and helps you contribute to a better planet by leaving the car at home.

When you opt for riding bikes you can choose to use a normal bike or an electric bike! Many people wonder if they can ride an electric bike the same way they would ride a normal bike, and the answer is yes! An electric bike offers everything offered by a regular bike and more.

In this article, we are going to have a look at what an electric bike is, how it differs from a normal bike, and what the benefits are of investing in one.

What Is an Electric Bike?

Some people have been led to believe that an electric bike is some type of scooter, which is not the case at all. Electric bikes are actually very similar to regular bikes in shape and function, and the only real difference is the added motor. 

Nowadays, electric bikes have very small motors that are barely visible, which means that your electric bike will look pretty much like any other bike as you ride around on the streets.

Electric bikes are also called e-bikes, and they are sold all over the world. These bikes feature an integrated motor and a throttle on the handlebar, where you control speed and functions while you ride. Their function is similar to that of a motorcycle, but they are not classified as such.

What sets electric bikes apart from motorcycles is that they have pedals, just like a regular bike, so that they can be pedaled while the motor helps make the process of pedaling a little easier. It is basically a bike with an additional benefit for long or challenging rides.

Did you know? Electric commuter bikes like this one are becoming increasingly popular in today’s means of transportation. They are lightweight, foldable, and have a max speed of about 20 mph. The battery will last about 18-20 miles between charges which is perfect for small commutes.

Difference Between an Electric Bike and a Normal Bike

As mentioned above, there are very few things that set an electric bike apart from a normal bike, and chances are that you have seen electric bikes more times than you realize. Most look just like a regular bicycle, such as a mountain bike or that cute bike your mom used to ride when you were little!

An electric bike is equipped with a motor and a throttle on the handlebar, and the motor runs on a rechargeable battery. This means that it requires no fuel, and it won’t cost you anything extra every time you decide to go for a ride. The motor along with the pedaling is what drives the electric bike forward.

Other than that, normal bikes and electric bikes are very similar. You pedal the same way, break the same way and ride the same way, only with a motor that makes pedaling less challenging.

A big plus is that if something was to happen to your bikes, such as a flat tire, a problem with the breaks, or similar, you can take it to a bike shop and have it repaired by the same people that repair normal bikes! There shouldn’t be any difference in costs or methods.

However, if the electric components stop working, you would have to take your bike to an e-bike specialist instead, to have that part repaired.

Benefits of Biking

When you ride a bike, you engage not only your legs but also the upper body, and it is a form of exercise that is available to a large population of people. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced biker, as you can adapt the speed and length of your biking trips to suit your own physical abilities.

Biking can also save you money if you opt for riding your bike to work or school instead of driving, or instead of spending money on a bus or subway card. If you were to put away all the money you save in transport costs, you would quickly realize what a budget-friendly option it is to ride a bike.

Last but not least – the environment! Perhaps one person can’t make too much of a difference, but if everyone rode their bike a couple of times a week instead of opting for other means of transportation, then mother nature would most likely be very grateful.

How Riding an Electric Bike Works

Perhaps you are wondering how it works to ride an electric bike, and whether you have to start it up like a motorcycle or a snowmobile? The answer is no – it works just the same as your normal bike. You start pedaling the same way you do when riding a normal bike, and then the motor kicks in soundlessly on its own.

You don’t tend to notice when the motor kicks in as it happens very smoothly, and you will feel very little difference compared to pedaling a regular bike – it’s just easier. You will no longer run out of breath as you pedal your way up that steep hill, and you decide how much motor power and how much leg power you want to use.

The majority of electric bikes can reach a maximum speed of approximately 15.5 mph, and if you were to go faster, then the motor would automatically switch off and leave your legs to do the rest. 

As a result, the purpose of the e-bike is not to go incredibly fast (you would need a motorcycle for that), but to make regular biking easier on your legs.

Can You Just Pedal an Electric Bike?

A common question is whether you can skip using the throttle and the motor and just pedal an electric bike, and you can! It is possible to use an electric bike just like you would a normal bike. 

This can be beneficial if you want to get more exercise out of the biking experience, but also if something were to happen to the motor or if you run out of battery power. Imagine getting stuck somewhere out in the middle of nowhere just because you forgot to charge your battery? 

…That won’t happen with an electric bike, as you can pedal your way back normally.

Level of Difficulty 

Riding an electric bike is definitely easier than riding a normal bike, at least if looking at the physical effort it requires. That said, you still get a good workout with an electric bike! Many e-bike users bike longer distances than those riding normal bikes, and pedal throughout the ride, which exercises the whole body.

Using an e-bike is not difficult and anyone who can use a normal bike can use an e-bike. It takes little to no getting used to, as the motor power is incorporated in a way that only aids you while you ride, without taking over.

Final Thoughts

Biking is both a sport, leisure activity, and transportation method that has been around for decades, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere! With e-bikes, you suddenly have the option of combining physical pedaling with battery-driven motor power, which allows you to ride your e-bike to work without arriving all sweaty.

As popular as the e-bike has become, it is no wonder that the market has exploded in recent years, and you can now find all types of bikes with the additional motor, throttle, and screen!

If you want to take biking to the next level and feel ready for something more, why not invest in an electric bike to take you where you want to go, whenever you feel like going?

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