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Can You Use Coleman Propane With Jetboil? (Explained)

Can You Use Coleman Propane With Jetboil

Coleman propane canisters are a popular choice for powering a variety of camping stoves. Camping stoves can be powered by other fuels as well, such as a combination of gases like iso-butane and propane.

So, can you use Coleman propane with Jetboil stoves? Generally, Jetboil stoves aren’t compatible with propane fuel sources and instead need other gases to run. However, you might be able to run them using a special adapter. This method might be risky and may not always yield the desired results.

Read on to find out more about whether Coleman propane can be used with Jetboil stoves.

Compatibility of Coleman Propane and Jetboil Products

So, are Jetboil products compatible with Coleman propane? The answer is: not exactly. Jetboil stoves actually use a mixture of iso-butane and propane or iso-propane and propane fuel.

These stoves perform best if Jetboil’s own brand of fuel, Jetpower is used. Jetpower contains 80% iso-butane and 20% propane.

Normally, Coleman’s pure propane tanks aren’t compatible with Jetboil stoves since the latter use a blend of iso-butane and propane.

However, Coleman’s butane/propane mix fuel can be used with Jetboil stoves since it contains 60% butane and 40% propane. 

In the next section, find out if Coleman’s propane tanks can be adapted for use with Jetboil stoves.

Adapting Coleman Propane for Use with Jetboil Stoves

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As we mentioned previously, Coleman’s pure propane tanks aren’t usually compatible with Jetboil stoves. However, these tanks can be used to power Jetboil stoves if the correct adapter is used and the proper safety precautions are followed. 

An important thing to note here is that there is no official way of doing this and it isn’t exactly a tried-and-tested method that will work for all kinds of Jetboil stoves. 

Jetboil stoves are compatible with any fuel tank having an EN417 nozzle. So, an adapter that fits into a regular propane tank and has an output EN417 nozzle will work.

Check out this YouTube tutorial that outlines how to use a propane tank to run iso-butane stoves using such an adapter.

To check the current price and availability of the Campingmoon Butane Nozzle Converter, click here to view the listing on Amazon.

Safety Precautions for Using Coleman Propane with Jetboil Stoves

Here are some safety precautions for using Coleman propane with Jetboil stoves:

  • Before getting started, make sure you’ve read and understood the manufacturer’s guide for your Jetboil stove. If you’re unsure about how to adapt a Coleman propane tank to run a Jetboil stove, don’t proceed with setting it up. Get help and guidance first.
  • Make sure the stove is never left unattended and that somebody is there to turn it off in the event of an emergency.
  • Remove any flammable or combustible items from the vicinity of the stove.
  • Make sure you know how to use the regulator properly.
  • Keep children away from the stove.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Coleman Propane and Jetboil Stoves

There are many different problems that you may face when using Coleman propane for Jetboil stoves

These may occur due to incorrect equipment, faulty connections, and a lack of understanding of operating procedures.

Other common problems include the failure of the stove to ignite, fuel leaks, as well as maintenance issues.

Before getting started with fixing the problem, it is important to troubleshoot and diagnose the nature of the issue first.

The best way of doing this is to refer to the manufacturer’s manual of your Jetboil stove and look up the problem on related online forums.

Alternative Fuel Sources for Jetboil Stoves

Jetboil’s stoves work best with their own brand of fuel, Jetpower. But they can be used with a variety of other fuels from different manufacturers.

Below are some alternative fuel sources that can be used to power Jetboil stoves.

  1. Snow Peak GigaPower 85% iso-propane and 15% propane fuel
  2. Brunton 80% iso-butane and 20% propane fuel
  3. Coleman’s 60% butane and 40% propane fuel
  4. Coleman’s propane fuel (correct adapter needed)
  5. MSR 80% iso-butane and 20% propane fuel

This is a limited list of alternative fuels for Jetboil stoves and other fuels having the right mixture of gases can also be used. While these are good alternatives, their effectiveness can vary, compared to the Jetpower fuel.


Here, find answers to other related questions you might have about using Coleman propane with Jetboil stoves.

Can Jetboil Use Other Gas Canisters?

Besides Jetpower gas canisters, Jetboil stoves can also use gas canisters manufactured by other brands.

Jetboil stoves are compatible with EN417 valves so any canister that meets this specification is can be used to power these stoves. For some gas canisters, you might need to use a special adapter.

Can You Use Any Propane With Jetboil?

Jetboil stoves typically use fuels made from a mixture of iso-butane and propane gases. They don’t normally run on pure propane.

In some cases, however, you might be able to run a Jetboil stove on a propane canister with a special adapter. Note that this might be risky so you need to know what you are doing and must take proper safety precautions.

Can I Use Coleman Propane With Torch?

Yes, you can use Coleman propane with a propane torch.

Can I Use Propane Instead of Iso-Butane?

If you’re going camping, you can use propane instead of iso-butane as long as it is compatible with your stove.

One thing to note here is that propane and iso-butane are different fuels and they have different requirements when it comes to a combination of fuel and air. So use propane only if your stove supports it.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, Jetboil stoves aren’t usually compatible with Coleman’s pure propane canisters. Instead, they run on Jetboil’s Jetpower fuel and other fuel sources having the correct combination of gases.

In some cases, you can use a Jetboil stove with a Coleman propane canister if you have the right adapter and know how to set up the equipment. You also need to take safety precautions to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

In this guide, we covered everything you need to know about using Coleman propane with Jetboil stoves. We hope you found it helpful!

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