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Do Bobcats Scare Away Deer? 

Do Bobcats Scare Away Deer

When deer hunters notice a bobcat in the area, they worry about what this could mean for deer in the area. Do bobcats scare deer away?

Bobcats don’t scare deer away from specific areas. This is because bobcats are after smaller prey (rats, squirrels, etc.), and while they can attack a deer they rarely do. If there is a bobcat in the area, the deer will avoid it but still stay in the general area.

Are you here because you’ve spotted a bobcat where you go deer hunting? We’re going to discuss everything you should know about how this will affect the deer in the area.

Are Deer Afraid of Bobcats?

In most situations, deer will not be scared away from an area if there is a bobcat nearby. This is because bobcats usually leave deer alone. That being said, a deer won’t go near a bobcat if they’re in the same area. If a deer does come face to face with a bobcat, it will be frightened, but not to the extent where it leaves the area.

Are Bobcats a Threat to Deer?

While bobcats are typically after small prey, that doesn’t mean deer are 100 % off-limits. There have been times when bobcats have successfully taken down a deer. It is possible for larger bobcats to take down deer of all sizes, but smaller fawns are higher at risk.

It’s normal for bobcats to leave deer alone when they are spotted walking around in nature. However, bobcats can be troublesome for deer hunters. It’s not uncommon for deer hunters to catch a deer, but not be able to find it until much later since the shot was fired from far away.

By the time they find the deer, a bobcat had already started to eat the deer corpse. You may be wondering how hunters know it was a bobcat. There is a specific habit that cats have, which is burying their unfinished food. When hunters find the deer corpse, it has been buried in leaves and twigs from the area.

How To Deter Bobcats So They Don’t Bother Deer

Do you want to keep bobcats out of your hunting area? Let’s take a look at some of our top tips.

  1. Make sure all pets and fowl or chickens are brought indoors or to a safe area at night.
  2. Clear overgrown vegetation and brush so there aren’t any hiding spots for the bobcat.
  3. Frighten the bobcat anytime you spot it. Do this by making a loud noise, such as using an air horn or banging pots and pans.
  4. If you have pet dishes for food and water outdoors, always bring them inside at night. Never leave uneaten food out around the area because it will attract bobcats.
  5. Don’t hang bird feeders or squirrel feeders in the area because these animals attract bobcats.

How To Attract Deer When Bobcats Are Around

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Luckily, deer aren’t bothered by bobcats. However, if the bobcat did frighten the deer, you may notice that it’s skeptical about coming back. This may leave you wondering how you can attract more deer to the area without attracting more bobcats. 

One of the best ways to do this is with food plots that attract deer. This can be successful because deer are highly attracted to plants that are high in protein. Corn is one of the top crops that will attract deer to an area. However, they are also attracted to red clover, orchard grass, and chicory. Kale, turnips, alfalfa, and peas are also favorites of deer.

Deer also enjoy nuts, so they are likely to come around if there is a tree that produces chestnuts or acorns. If food sources don’t do the trick, you can also attract deer by using deer urine. This is a common trick used by hunters.

We recommend using a deer attractant like this one from Amazon. There’s no mixing required with this formula. Simply place it on the ground to help attract deer.

Final Thoughts

Do bobcats scare away deer? If there are bobcats in the area, they likely won’t scare the deer away. This is because bobcats are usually after small prey, such as squirrels, rabbits, and mice. In most situations, they leave the deer in the area alone, so the deer aren’t afraid.

That doesn’t mean the deer aren’t at risk. A deer will be frightened if it comes face-to-face with a bobcat. There have also been cases where bobcats have attacked deer. Fawns are at a higher risk of an attack than full-grown deer, but it’s still possible for a bobcat to take down a full-grown deer.

If there are bobcats in the area and you believe they have scared off the deer, we recommend planting a food plot with edible plants to attract deer to the area. Corn is one of the top crops used to bring more deer around. You can also use bottled deer urine to lure deer to the area. 

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