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Do Donkeys Scare Deer Away?

Do Donkeys Scare Deer Away

If one of your neighbors has donkeys on their property, you may have noticed fewer deer coming around. This could have you asking the question “do donkeys scare deer away?

Donkeys have a very protective nature, so it is possible for them to scare deer away. However, if the donkey isn’t intimidating, the deer likely won’t be bothered by it. While a deer may not be afraid of the donkey, it still won’t get close to the other animal.

Are you curious to know if donkeys scare deer away? You’ve come to the right page. Today, we’re going to discuss whether or not deer are afraid of donkeys. Keep reading to find out more.

Are Deer Afraid of Donkeys?

Donkeys are more than just a fun-loving barnyard pet. Property owners will get donkeys if they are having problems with varmints on their land. This is because the donkey will act as a guard and scare off potential predators that could be a threat to other animals on the land.

That being said, deer aren’t a threat. If a deer comes near a donkey, it won’t feel the need to act intimidating. While a deer won’t approach the donkey, it won’t leave either. Now, every situation is different. If the donkey does start acting protective over the property when a deer approaches, then the deer will be frightened away.

If you notice deer are scarce since the donkey’s arrival, it may actually not be the donkey that’s causing this. The donkey is likely doing its job at keeping wild animals and predators away from its territory. Now the varmints could be in your territory, which is keeping the deer away.

How to Deter Donkeys So They Don’t Scare Deer

Now, this one is trickier than other animals that frighten deer. The chances of a wild donkey hanging around your yard are quite rare. If there’s a donkey nearby, it’s most likely because a neighbor owns it. Another thing to consider is that the donkey probably isn’t the problem. The problem is most likely the varmint that the donkey is scaring away.

For this reason, you will need to figure out what animals the neighbors got the donkey to scare away. Once you are aware of what predators are near your land, you can research ways to deter them. If your neighbors bought a donkey, it is most likely an animal that can be threatening to their pets, farm animals, or livestock.

It’s common for people to get donkeys when they have had a problem with coyotes, foxes, or wild dogs. 

How to Attract Deer When There Are Donkeys in the Area

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Whether your neighbors have a donkey, or you decided to get one yourself, the good news is that it’s not the endgame for deer coming by. With the right planning, you can still get deer to come to the area. However, always make sure it is an efficient space because most deer won’t get within 20 to 30 feet of a donkey.

Since the donkey is likely in the area to stay, you need to use something that will keep the deer coming back. We suggest installing deer feeders because they are always on the hunt for food. They also enjoy fresh crops, so planting a food plot will also attract more deer. Some of their favorite crops include corn, peas, and apples. 

You can also use a lure, such as deer urine, to attract deer to your land. This scent is very strong, and if it’s placed along the border of your land near the woods, it can work very well to bring more deer to your property. 

We recommend using a deer attractant like this one from Amazon. There’s no mixing required with this formula. Simply place it on the ground to help attract deer.

Final Thoughts

Do donkeys scare away deer? Donkeys scare away predators, and those predators scare away deer. While donkeys are very protective animals, they generally don’t feel threatened by deer. For this reason, they likely won’t act intimidating when deer are around. However, if the donkey shows even the slightest sign of aggression, the deer will run away. 

If deer are no longer coming around since a donkey was brought into the neighborhood, it may not be the donkey’s fault. Many property owners will get a donkey to guard their land against predators, like coyotes and foxes. This likely means that the varmints are no longer in the neighbor’s yard and have moved to your property. Deer won’t come around if predators are near. 

The best solution is to speak with your neighbors and find out what animals were causing problems on their property before they got the donkey. This will point you in the right direction so you can find a solution to get rid of that animal. Once the varmint is gone, the deer will likely return even with the donkey still in sight. 

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