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Do Firewood Splitting Drill Bits Work?

Do Firewood Splitting Drill Bits Work

Thanks to technology, the old-fashioned way of splitting wood is dead. Instead, you can use many nifty tools to split wood more easily and safely. One common tool is a wood splitting drill bit, but does it work?

Wood splitting drill bits work great for personal uses, but you have to select the right-sized drill bit based on the diameter of the logs you intend to split. If you get too small of a drill bit, you may find that you have trouble splitting the logs efficiently. Drill bits are not recommended for professional work and heavy logs, though.

To learn more about wood splitting drill bits and how to select the best one for your needs, keep reading. This article fully explains how to pick out a great drill bit that can help you split logs easily.

Can You Split Wood With a Drill?

Believe it or not, you can actually split wood using a drill. Of course, you shouldn’t just take your drill straight to the log. It will just drill a hole into the log. Instead, you can split wood with a drill if you get a proper wood splitting attachment.

With the help of a wood splitting drill bit, you’ll be able to split wood quickly and efficiently. You just have to hold the drill steady while the drill bit does the manual work for you. This makes the task of splitting wood much easier.

What Is a Wood Splitting Drill Bit?

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A wood splitting drill bit is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It is an attachment you would add to a drill so that you can easily split firewood with minimal effort. You will have to have an appropriate size drill and drill bit kit in order for it to work.

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Does a Wood Splitting Drill Bit Work?

For many individuals who are more equipped with the manual methods of splitting firewood, using a wood splitting drill bit can be a bit scary. Many first-time users assume or are afraid that the drill bit isn’t actually effective and that it is a waste of time and money.

On the contrary, wood splitting drill bits typically work really well. They are effective enough for homeowners and will make splitting your wood a bit easier. That being said, there are some instances when wood splitting drill bits are not effective.

For example, wood splitting drill bits are not effective if you choose the wrong size drill bit diameter based on the logs you want to split. Additionally, wood splitting drill bits are not very effective for large pieces of wood or professional uses. You will want to get something more heavy-duty than a drill attachment for these jobs.

So, wood splitting drill bits work for at-home and personal jobs, assuming you get the right size drill bit for your logs. In contrast, woods splitting drill bits are not effective if you choose the wrong size drill bit or you need it for commercial uses.

What Size Drill Do You Need for a Wood Splitting Drill Bit?

You can split firewood with just about any drill if you have the appropriate attachment. That being said, you have to be careful to select the right drill bit based on the logs at hand. In other words, you want to spend more time selecting the right drill bit than the right drill.

You will want to pay attention to the minimum diameter of the wood drill bit. Compare this minimum diameter to the diameter of the logs you intend to be splitting. Here’s a look at what minimum diameter wood drill bit you should get based on log diameter:

Log DiameterMinimum Diameter of Wood Drill Bit
20 cm60 mm
30 cm80 mm
40 cm90 mm
40+ cmWood auger, 100+ mm

How Do You Split Firewood With a Drill Bit?

Splitting firewood with a drill bit is super easy. The most difficult part is selecting the correct drill bit based on the logs you are splitting. Using the chart above, you should be able to easily figure out which drill bit is right for your job.

After that, just attach the drill bit to the top of your drill. Many of these drill bits are designed for cordless drills specifically for even more convenience and ease of use.

Once the bit is attached, all you need to do is place the tip of the bit in the location you want to split. You will need to use a bit of force whenever you poke the bit in, but it doesn’t require too much effort.

For smaller pieces, you will find that the drill bit splits the piece pretty easily, and you may only need to slightly pry the pieces apart with your hands. For bigger pieces, you may need to position the drill bit at each corner and begins splitting the wood into both sides. Then, separate the log once both sides are split.

Try to avoid placing the bit in knots simply because the drill is not equipped to handle thick or incredibly hard pieces. As a rule of thumb, don’t use the bit on pieces or spots you wouldn’t be able to split by hand.

What Is the Easiest Way to Split Firewood?

Using a firewood splitting drill bit is one of the easiest ways to split firewood for personal kindling. It is fast, efficient, and safe to use. In fact, it’s a lot easier than splitting by hand, and it is certainly safer too.

Final Thoughts

Once again, wood splitting drill bits work for personal use, assuming you select the right bit size. The tool isn’t as effective for commercial use because it isn’t equipped to handle large pieces of wood.

So, just make sure to select the right bits based on the firewood you intend to split. Refer to the chart above when selecting your drill bit.

From there, position the bit correctly on the firewood, and you will be able to split small firewood easily and efficiently.

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