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Do Rain Barrels Help with Flooding?

do rain barrels help with flooding

Many small towns are now encouraging homeowners to use rain barrels, to reduce the risk of the sewers becoming overpowered and flood streets, homes, and roads. Do rain barrels help with flooding?

The answer to this question is yes. Rain barrels can help with flooding as they are designed to collect rain water. Determining how much a rain barrel will help will help boils down to the capacity of the rain barrel or barrels being used.

There are many good reasons why you should consider bringing a rain barrel home to collect rainwater. Not only does it save you significant amounts on your water bill, but it can also help prevent flooding both on your property and in the town where you live.

Rain Barrel Benefits

A rain barrel is a container designed to collect rainwater. These barrels are usually placed next to a building to collect the rainwater that comes off the roof, and a connected hose allows you to use the water to water your yard, wash your car, and many other things.

There are many great things that come with owning a properly installed rain barrel, and while some choose to install one for economic reasons, others get their barrels as a way to save water and prevent unnecessary water waste, and others to prevent flooding.

Saving Money

The number one reason why people choose to invest in a rain barrel is to save money, as rainwater can save you significant amounts on your water bills. Picture having a very large yard, and suddenly, keeping it green and watered becomes free! How? By using essentially “free” water instead of the water from a faucet.

Environmentally Friendly

It is no secret that large parts of the world are struggling with drought right now, and it can be hard to justify using gallons and gallons of water to keep your yard green. A way around this is to use water that is already there – rainwater, and that would have otherwise gone to complete waste. Using rainwater gathered with a rain barrel helps mother earth.

Preventing Flooding

Reducing your overall water usage isn’t the only argument for why you should want to get a rain barrel, though, and a less talked about benefit is that it could help prevent your property from flooding during heavy rains or stop the city sewers from overflowing. 

Using Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels are very easy to use and require very little of their users, and you can even set it up yourself if you are a little handy! Once a rain barrel has been properly set up, all you need to do is open the faucet at the bottom for the water to start flowing through the hose.

Most rain barrels are placed at least three inches above ground level, which allows water to come out with decent pressure thanks to gravity. You may also opt for installing a water pump if you have a bigger yard that needs watering, or if you feel more water pressure is needed.

Once everything is in place, rain barrels can be connected to a sprinkler to water the backyard, or used in any way you see fit. You may need more than one barrel if it rains a lot in your area, or if you notice that your rain barrel is filling up and overflowing too quickly.

We recommend using a rain barrel that is leak-proof and has a high capacity if you utilize rainwater for many daily chores. This collapsible rain barrel by Vingli is high-quality, portable, and reusable. It comes in 50, 66, and 100 gallon tanks.

Overflowing Rain Barrels

Note that rain barrels can overflow if it rains more than what the barrel can contain. If this happens frequently, it is best to look into purchasing multiple rain barrels. There are products that can be connected to one another so that it ultimately forms a larger rain collecting container.

Filtering Debris

It is recommended to install a mesh net to stop debris, branches, dirt, and twigs from getting into your new water supply, because even if rainwater is unsuitable for drinking – you still want to keep it as clean as possible.

The Problem with Flooding

Flooding can be a massive issue in places where it rains heavily all year around, but it is usually an even bigger problem in areas where it rains less! Why is that? A possibility is that these locations aren’t as used to rain and nor is their sewer system, which could then become overwhelmed when a storm unexpectedly hits.

An interesting note is that once you start filtering the filth that comes down from the roof with the rainwater, it suddenly becomes easier to understand why city sewers can easily clog up. All the water and dirt you collect is essentially water and dirt that won’t go down the sewers.

It is not just sewers you need to worry about, and perhaps you have a yard that tends to flood whenever it rains. This can make it incredibly difficult to grow grass and other plants, and many are surprised by the easy solution offered by a rain barrel! It prevents your backyard from flooding, and you’ll have a water supply for your sprinklers!

Where to Get a Rain Barrel to Prevent Flooding

High-quality rain barrels can be purchased in assorted stores and online all over the world, and in some areas, they may even offer one for free if you sign up for a course in how to use and install a rain barrel. 

These types of offers are common in counties and states where flooding is a big problem, as local governments tend to encourage people to get their own rain barrels. It could potentially seem like one person can’t make much of a difference, but if everyone were to get rain barrels, it would significantly lower the risk of flooding sewers, yards, and homes.

Another option is to repurpose a suitably sized barrel. It needs to be 100% waterproof, preferably hold around 50-60 gallons, be clean (and if possible – food grade), and suitable for the task at hand.

Final Thoughts

Flooding is a massive problem in many communities, and having a reliable rain barrel can help prevent the sewers from clogging while also keeping your home and yard safe from flooded basements, swimming pools full of dirt and debris, ruined grass, and much more.

It is easy, cheap, and convenient to install one or multiple rain barrels, and once the system is in place, you will save a lot on your water bills – especially if you have a yard that needs watering.

It is a method that saves money, protects the environment, and prevents flooding, and something everyone could benefit from having at home.

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