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How Can I Start My Electric Bike Without a Key?

how can i start my electric bike without a key

Electric bikes are powerful machines that are usually started with bike-specific keys that come with the purchase. Like the case with most keys, electric bike keys also run the high risk of being lost or misplaced. It is heartening to know that you can start your electric bike without its keys, especially if you know what you’re doing. 

In order to start your electric bike without a key one of the things that you can do is to carefully attempt to connect the two wires coming off the switch. Moreover you can also try to use either a screwdriver or a bump key to see if you can start your electric bike.

However it is important to remember that using a screwdriver is an extreme step, which is ideally taken only if you have ordered a replacement lock. There are many things which you can try to successfully navigate the chaotic confusion of having lost the keys to your electric bike. Here is a guide to help you make the best choice for you and your bike. 

The Role of a Key on an Electric Bike

Before you can solve a problem, it is essential that you understand it in its entirety. Knowing exactly what a key does for an electric bike can help you figure out what to do if it gets lost. 

Usually a key is meant to power on the motor of an electric bike, which makes it an essential part of actually being able to use the bike itself. It is also interesting to note that some electric bikes have their batteries locked in so that they can only be accessed with the help of a key.

These battery keys are the only way to access the battery of the bike itself. Moreover, some keys are also used to secure a frame-lock of the electric bike. 

As you can tell, losing the key of an electric bike can be a risky thing as it would make it harder for you to take your bike out for a ride. 

Starting an Electric Bike Without a Key

Starting an electric bike without a key is an interesting quandary, and once you understand the basics of the matter, you will find that it is not as hard as you might think. 

  • Connect the Wires: if you’re looking for a quick, temporary fix, it is a good idea to take a minute and evaluate your electric bike. You may notice that there are two wires coming off the simple switch. Once you identify the two wires all you have to do is connect them to get your electric bike started. 
  • Remove the Battery: for some electric bikes you can easily unscrew the battery and then remove the ignition. Once the ignition is removed you can simply screw the battery back on and then use the electric bike until its battery is drained. 
  • Try a Screwdriver: one of the most common things to try in an attempt to start an electric bike without keys is by using a screwdriver. Simply choose a screwdriver whose thickness is similar to your original key and try to insert it in the keyhole. Once the screwdriver is in, apply some force to turn it, thus starting your electric bike. 
  • Use a Bump Key: Another thing you can try is a universal opening key that is a bump key. Simply insert the bump key, and then using the “pull-back method” turn the key in the lock to start the electric bike. 

Bear in mind that there are many different kinds of electric bikes available in the market which means that the way of dealing with no keys may differ across the kinds of bikes. 

Types of Electric Bikes

  • Regular e-Bikes: regular electric bikes are different from their non-electric counterparts primarily due to the fact that they are run using a motor instead of a traditional engine. Moreover, they use lithium ion batteries to run, which are generally accessed using a specific key. 

Regular electric bikes are typically used for everyday purposes as well as long drives across the cities and even in the suburban regions. 

  • Mountain Electric Bikes: electric bikes specific for use on mountains generally are hardier and have a stronger motor attached than regular electric bikes. These kind of bikes generally offer users with higher power options that assist in going up steep mountains, as well as coming down the slopes. 

Additionally, electric bikes that are specifically built for mountainous terrains have wider and stronger tires, typically with deeper grooves to improve friction and increase stability.

What to Do if You Lost Your E-Bike Key

If you seem to have misplaced the key to your electric bike here are some ways in which you can combat the issue. The key-less fixes given previously may be effective for starting your electric bike, however, it can’t be ignored that the fixes are temporary. Here are some things that can help you in the long run after you lose your electric bike’s key. 

  • Use the Substitute Key: you must have noticed that upon the purchase of your electric bike you would probably have received a spare set of keys. These substitute keys are made primarily for situations like these where you’ve lost the original set. It is a good idea to keep the substitute keys in a safe place for use in emergencies. 
  • Replace the Key Switch: if you have well and truly lost your set of keys you should consider getting the key switch replaced on the electric bike. Many find this to be a cheaper option as compared to getting a new key made. 

Replacing the key switch would mean that you would replace the original key switch with a new one, thus you’ll a new key. 

Replacing your e-bike key switch completely may be necessary. A simple two wire key switch like this one is easy to install with a little knowledge, and also comes with a spare key.

  • Get a New Key: One of the most obvious solutions to the problem of losing a key is to get a new one. Though most locksmiths will be able to supply your need, some electric bikes require specific and specialized keys to start. In order to get the right key for your electric bike it is a good idea to place an order with the very brand you got your electric bike from. 

Final Thoughts

As you have seen, electric bikes generally need keys to start, so if you seem to have lost your keys there are some things that you can try in order to get your electric bike back on the road.

You can either opt to use some drastic methods such as inserting a bump key or a screwdriver in the key socket or you could even connect the two wires stemming from the switch itself. 

However, do note that starting your electric bike through these methods is a temporary fix. In order to have a more permanent fix it is a good idea to either use your substitute key or place an order for a replacement one. Some people also resort to replacing the whole key switch itself, thus getting themselves a new set of keys. 

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