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Is Catalpa Wood Good for Firewood?

is catalpa wood good for firewood

Catalpa wood is used for plenty of things, from building furniture to outdoor stuff, as well. But, is it good enough for firewood? The answer is yes, Catalpa wood can be used for firewood. However, there’s a problem if you’re willing to use Catalpa as firewood.

Even though Catalpa wood will offer proper heat, it will still burn up pretty rapidly. Hence, you’ll have to keep adding more wood if you want a prolonged burn.

So, Catalpa is good for short burning periods but isn’t the best for an extended duration. Let’s take a closer look at catalpa wood and all of its benefits and cons when it comes to firewood.

What is Catalpa Wood? 

Catalpa wood is a type of wood, popularly known as softwood. However, the truth is that it is actually a type of hardwood, but has low-density and is on the softer side compared to other types of wood. 

This type of wood is found in many places, ranging from the cold Northern regions of the United States to most of the regions in Canada too. 

Today, the Catalpa wood is mainly used for building railings, and fence posts. As it is also available in abundance, Catalpa wood is also used with wood-burning stoves in quite a lot of places!

Hence, it is safe to say that you can make use of Catalpa wood as firewood as long as you’re aware of the below things. These can help in making a well-informed choice in choosing your firewood. 

How Does the Catalpa Wood Burn?

The Catalpa wood can offer good heat as long as it is dry. Yet, one major drawback is that it burns up quite quickly.  Due to this reason, you’ll have to keep adding more wood to the fire so that it doesn’t stop burning.  

So, if you’re using the Catalpa wood while camping, make sure you have a proper amount of it, for an extended burn. Simply making use of individual Catalpa pieces won’t help as they will burn pretty quickly and won’t even offer much heat. 

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How Does Catalpa Wood Smell Like While Burning?

Sometimes, the smell of certain woods burning is enough to make you dizzy and ruin the whole mood of camping/hiking. 

Now, how exactly does Catalpa wood smell like when it is burning?  Catalpa is known to have a faint and spicy-type of odor. 

And, well, the truth is that there are conflicting opinions on the smell of Catalpa wood. Some people do find the smell to be tolerable and nice too. On the other hand, there are some people who find the smell to be quite unbearable and stinky too. 

So, it totally depends on the person burning the wood when it comes to the smell of the Catalpa wood. 

Is Catalpa Wood Good for Campfires?

Moving on to one of the most asked questions whether Catalpa wood is good for campfires or not. Read on to know the pros and cons of using it during campfires. 

Pros of Catalpa Wood: 

1. Easily Available 

One of the major benefits of Catalpa wood is that it is definitely more easily available compared to another type of wood. 

So, during campfires, you can find Catalpa more easily than any other wood out there. 

2. Easy to Use

The Catalpa wood is also easier to use compared to other woods. For instance, you can simply split the wood with the help of a small hand ax. 

So, it certainly wouldn’t require a lot of effort to get the fire kindling while starting it or rekindling a fire that is dying. 

3. Burns Easily and Offers Good Heat 

As long as you’re using a sufficient amount of Catalpa wood, you can expect a good amount of burning and heat. 

This type of heat is the most ideal for autumn and spring. However, during the colder months of winter when you require an extended period of burning, you may require more amount of Catalpa wood. 

So, these three reasons are why Catalpa wood is a considerable choice for firewood. Let’s see some of the cons of it. 

Cons of Catalpa Wood: 

1. Burns Too Quickly

One of the major reasons why campers don’t wish to opt for Catalpa wood is because it burns too quickly. It basically means that you continuously need to add more wood to keep the fire burning. 

As the wood burns fast, you continuously need to add more wood into it to make sure the fire doesn’t stop. So, as you can understand, Catalpa wood is a good option for a shorter duration of campfires, but not for an extended period. 

2. Smell May Put Off Some People 

As mentioned above, the peculiar smell of Catalpa wood may not be good for everyone. Because of this, some people may not like to burn Catalpa wood as the smell could get overbearing. 

So, it is also a risk factor while burning Catalpa wood. Although, you can try it once and get familiar with the smell. 

Hence, overall, Catalpa wood is good for firewood as long as you have a sufficient supply of it and don’t mind adding more wood continuously to keep the fire going. 

Is Catalpa Wood Toxic?

You may wonder whether Catalpa wood is toxic or not. The good news is that it isn’t and hence, can be used as firewood. Similarly, the fruits and beans of the Catalpa tree aren’t toxic either. 

However, you may want to know that the leaves and roots of the Catalpa tree are quite toxic and poisonous to animals as well as humans. So, refrain from burning them in order to stay safe and keep the environment safe too. 

Final Thoughts 

Catalpa wood may not be the best choice out there for firewood but it is still a decent choice. Owing to its easy availability, and proper burning capabilities, this wood can certainly be used for firewood. 

The only struggle you might have to face would be to add more wood to the fire as it burns up rapidly.

This can be both a good or bad thing depending on how long you need your campfire to last.

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