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Is Laburnum Wood Good for Carving?

Is Laburnum Wood Good for Carving

Laburnum wood is also called the golden chain or golden rain due to its color. It makes for an amazing display because of the unique properties it has. But what about for carving? Is laburnum wood good for carving?

Laburnum wood is a good wood for carving, and its density and hardness allows for an easy carving process as well. Among carvers and woodworkers, laburnum is one of their favored woods to work with due to how it’s not difficult to use.

The rest of this article will cover if laburnum wood is easy to carve, the best things to carve out of it, how long carvings will last, what the carving process feels like, and what laburnum wood is used for.

Laburnum Wood Is Easy to Carve

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This wood is a hardwood type, meaning it’s very dense and hard. However, despite those properties, laburnum is still easy to maneuver, making it a good choice of wood to carve. Both beginner and advanced carvers can use this wood easily enough.

The toughness it possesses allows for modifications to be made after you think you finished the project. It won’t chip or flake as you’re putting on details because of how hard it is, and by extension, that makes laburnum wood a good wood for starters.

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Best Things to Carve Out of Laburnum Wood

The unique chocolate brown color of laburnum makes it appear much more elegant than other types of woods. You should use this to your advantage and carve something that requires intricate detail, such as a face or even musical instruments.

If you’re only a beginner and not confident with making such complex items, start small with hearts, whistles, and spoons. These items are great practice, and you can find tutorials on YouTube to take you through the carving process step-by-step.

How Long Laburnum Wood Carvings Last

A laburnum tree has a relatively short lifespan of 25 to 40 years. A carving of a laburnum will be much shorter than that lifespan because it was cut from the rest of the tree. In this case, if you take care of your carving, you’re looking at up to a decade.

You can take care of your carving by keeping it indoors, or if you’re putting it outdoors, keep it somewhere shaded so the sun can’t touch the wood. Another thing you can do to help prevent damage to an outside carving is by giving it an overhead so rain water doesn’t hit it.

Another way to take care of your wood is to watch for dust. Clean off the dust with a cloth or soap and water to make sure it stays fresh. This is mostly a concern if you’re keeping it indoors. Outdoors, you’re less likely to get much dust, but still clean it with water every once in a while.

Lastly, you can clean your wood to extend its lifetime by oiling and waxing it once or twice a year. This keeps the wood smooth and in shape. You can buy these products from your local Home Depot and Target, or you can order it online off of Amazon.

What the Carving Process Feels Like

The carving process is simple and easy, and it’s even easier for beginners using online tutorials to teach them the basics. Wear gloves to protect yourself from any scratches or itches the wood may cause. Along with that, wear a mask and goggles as well.

Carving will take a while because of how tough the wood is, but that also means it won’t break in your hands. You don’t have to worry about laburnum splitting or chipping, but still be careful in case you press too hard with your sharp tools.

Lastly, laburnum doesn’t have a strong, overpowering scent. That’s another reason why beginner and advanced carvers love the wood so much. It won’t chip, break, or radiate a putrid scent. If you’re sensitive to smells, then laburnum is a great wood for your nose.

What Laburnum Wood Is Used For

In modern times, laburnum wood is used for musical instruments such as woodwinds. These woodwinds can be flutes, clarinets, or even oboes. The reason why laburnum is chosen to make instruments is because they’re sturdy, have a beautiful color, and are easy to modify.

There are many more uses of laburnum, including the following: carving, furniture, archery bows, and fence posts. Carving with laburnum is very popular, and thanks to the toughness of the hardwood, using it in furniture, archery bows, and fence posts is a wonderful choice too.

Final Thoughts

Laburnum wood is a great wood for carving and is a preferred choice from many in the carving community. It’s strong and able to withstand a vast amount of weather conditions. It has no strong odor that will throw off woodworkers and carvers.

This is a great wood for beginners since it’s so easy to work with. It has a dense structure and is able to be modified after the carver finishes the project. It’s difficult to break the wood, which is why it’s so convenient to modify after the carver finishes their work.

Laburnum is used in modern times as instruments, furniture, archery bows, carvings, and fence posts due to its texture. The carvings made from laburnum have a rich chocolate color that makes for a great decoration around the house or outside.

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