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Top 5 Best Backup Cameras for UTVs

bet backup cameras for utvs

Having a backup camera for your UTV is a great way to park more quickly and safely. It allows you to be more confident by seeing all that’s around you without having to turn your head. Having a good, high quality backup camera will help to reduce glare and improve image quality even when in low amounts of light.

With the hundreds of cameras on the market, it can be hard to choose the best one to suit your needs for a UTV. We scanned through the market and picked out some of the best backup cameras to use when it comes to both quality and price.

In our comprehensive guide to the best backup cameras for utvs, we’ll show you the best backup cameras on the market and give you some advice when it comes time to choose. Let’s get started.


NameOur RatingPrice

Brandmotion SummitView UTV 1080p Rear Vision System
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7″ Wired Reverse Rear View Backup Camera System4.5/5
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Backup Camera 7 Inch Monitor System Infrared4/5
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1- Brandmotion SummitView UTV 1080p Rear Vision System

The to pick for the best backup camera for your UTV is the Brandmotion SummitView. It’s on the expensive side, but that’s pretty much expected when it comes to having some of the best image quality and camera tracking in the industry. Brandmotion has definitely paved their name when it comes to driver-assisted systems.

To start, this backup camera is specifically designed to be used on UTV’s. It has a rugged design which is able to withstand some of the many off-roading terrain that you will be experiencing when driving a UTV. It’s both waterproof and shockproof which adds to the durability.

The camera itself is an industrial grade CMOS camera that operates at a high image quality of 1080p. There is also parking gridlines and mirror imaging available to help assist when backing up or parking.

What we like

  • High quality 1080p
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Specifically designed to be used on UTV’s
  • Parking gridlines

What we don’t like

  • Very expensive

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2- 7″ Wired Reverse Rear View Backup Camera System

The next backup camera on our list is this industrial grade reverse rear view backup camera system. This heavy duty, industrial grade camera is suitable for large vehicles as well as smaller vehicles like a UTV. It has a 7″ LCD monitor that comes with a U-type metal bracket for easy installation.

The camera provides a super clear and realistic color image all while being both waterproof and night vision compatible. That means this camera will work perfect in all kinds of different weather. It also has a vibration-proof rating of 10G which makes it perfect for operation even in conditions with extreme vibration.

This camera also comes with a unique trigger wire. The monitor will be triggered to be turned on automatically to display the camera when you start reversing.

What we like

  • Medium price range
  • Automatic trigger for rear camera when reversing

What we don’t like

  • Vague instructions

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3- Backup Camera 7 Inch Monitor System Infrared

The next backup camera on our list is the Rohen 7″ backup camera. The main thing that this camera boasts about is the easy 30 min DIY installation. However, we truly believe that this depends on the person installing this backup camera, as well as what it’s being installed on.

This camera is both high quality and durability with a 720p picture. It’s also able to provide superb picture even at night with its night vision and waterproof cameras. There are also backup gridlines to make parking easier along with an image flip option.

This backup camera was designed for primary use on an RV, but will also suffice on a UTV due to its 7 inch monitor and easy mounting system.

What we like

  • Good price
  • Night vision and waterproof
  • Backup gridlines

What we don’t like

  • Quality control issues

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4- Backup Camera System, 7 inch Monitor

The next backup camera on our list is this 7″ backup camera system by LAMTTO. This is a great budget camera as it is over half the price of some of our top picks. It comes default with parking guidelines which makes backing up into tight spots easier, especially for larger vehicles.

Some features that are included with this backup camera is its waterproof rating of IP67 as well as infrared IR LED which makes backing up at night easier by providing a clear night vision image.

The backup camera also comes with a remote control so you don’t have to reach for the monitor to turn it on or off.

What we like

  • Low price
  • Remote control operation

What we don’t like

  • Subpar quality

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5- Backup Camera HD 1080P 7 Inch Monitor

The last backup camera on our list is the AMTIFO 1080p backup camera. This camera is set up for easy installation and is very easy to wire and setup. This backup camera system features a 7 inch monitor that has the capability of having two video outputs.

It has high quality imaging and a clear picture even at night time to make backing up or reversing easy even in the dark.

Although this camera is marketed as being high quality, there are many user complaints. Different issues such as the device not pairing, or the device failing overall after only a few weeks. This also happens to be the cheapest backup camera on our list.

What we like

  • Great price
  • Night vision

What we don’t like

  • Sometimes has pairing issues
  • Low quality build

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What to Look for in a Backup Camera

To find the best backup camera for your needs, consider the following major aspects before finalizing a purchase.

Monitor Size

We recommend using a monitor size of 7 inches. This is the most common size monitor for a UTV as it’s not too big nor too small. This makes it the perfect portable size for off-roading in your vehicle.

Image Quality

Image quality is very important as this will help make tracking and reversing easier when looking through the monitor. We recommend choosing a backup camera that has a video quality of at least 720p to 1080p.

This will ensure that you will have the best quality image possible when it comes to backing up or reversing, even in dark conditions.

Best Backup Camera Brands


Brandmotion Solutions is one of the most recognized leaders when it comes to vehicle safety products like backup cameras. They have been developing high quality, top-tier products since 2014.

Their success comes from the passion to help design, build, and provide some of the best equipment possible at scale when it comes to driver-assistance systems.


Do Wireless Backup Cameras Work Well?

Not all wireless cameras will work well. It’s imperative to make sure that you pick a camera that is both high quality and high durability. We recommend choosing a camera that is vibration resistant and also has a minimum picture quality of 720p.

The better quality the image is, the easier it will be to interpret your surroundings when backing up. Many cameras also offer increased tracking as well as night vision.

What Is a Good Aftermarket Backup Camera?

A good aftermarket camera is Brandmotion. They are the leader in the industrry when it comes to making driver-assisted systems like backup cameras. their camera is also specifically made for UTV vehicles, which is rare to find on the market.

Many of the cameras on the market are marketed towards RV’s. However, these backup cameras will also work for UTV’s with a little bit of tweaking.

Can I Leave My Backup Camera on All the Time?

Many of the backup cameras on the market are triggered only when you are going in reverse, however, there are a few that are remote controlled and can be operated by remote. Simply turn them on and keep them on.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best backup camera for your UTV is the Brandmotion SummitView UTV 1080p Rear Vision System. It comes with just about everything you can ask for when looking for a quality backup camera. It’s easy to mount, has a high image quality, and can withstand the rugged conditions and terrain that you will be exposed to when driving a UTV.

Our runner up pick is the Wired Reverse Rear View Backup Camera System. This industrial grade camera system is another great choice and is a lot cheaper than our first option. It it is very durable, and even features an automatic camera trigger when you start reversing.

Whichever backup camera you choose for your UTV, we hope this guide has been helpful in your purchasing decision. Thanks for reading!

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