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Will a Bike Fit in a Fiat 500?

Will a Bike Fit in a Fiat 500

Mountains, parks, and other public places are great for bike riding, but how do you transport your bike to those places? Will your bike fit inside a Fiat 500?

Although it will be a tight fit, you can fit a bike inside a Fiat 500. Large bikes such as mountain bikes will not fit inside, but the average-sized bike will fit and won’t block any mirrors for the driver.

The rest of this article will cover how to fit your bike into a fiat 500, additional items you will need to transport the bike, how easy it is to transport your bike by car, and other ways to transport your bike.

How to Fit Your Bike Into a Fiat 500

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A Fiat 500 is not a gigantic car by any means, but an average-sized bike will fit inside it. A mountain bike, or a very large bike, will not fit inside a Fiat 500. If you have a larger bike, you can try fitting it inside the Fiat before seeking out alternatives, but it most likely won’t work.

As for average bikes, you’ll have to lower the back seats to make room for the bike. After the seats are lowered, you can put the bike in. If it doesn’t fit even after lowering the seats, detach the front wheel to make more room. You can also detach the back wheel if it still doesn’t fit.

The only thing to consider is that you won’t have room for any backseat passengers. There will only be room for one front seat passenger, but the backseats will have to be lowered to fit the bike. Therefore, don’t transport your bike if you’re going to have more than 1 passenger.

We recommend using a mountain bike multi-tool like this one to easily remove the wheels and seat on your mountain bike.

Additional Items You Will Need to Transport Your Bike

The item you should have on you at all times is a toolkit. If you need to take the front and/or back wheel off of your bike, you’re going to need tools to do that maneuver. By removing the wheels, you’ll be able to fit the bike, but it will take longer to get it inside.

Whenever you’re transporting your bike, you should have a toolkit in case any parts fall off while you’re driving. Bumpy roads may cause screws to fall off, so you should always be prepared by having a toolkit nearby. Toolkits are also useful to have in general, so make sure you have one.

Another useful item: a blanket. To protect your car from dirt and other stains, lay down a blanket, or multiple blankets, to protect your trunk and backseats from harm. A thick blanket is recommended since it will trap more dirt and harmful particles from touching the seats.

Even with a blanket, cleaning your car afterwards is a good idea. You should keep a small vacuum inside the vehicle. This is another tool you should have in your car at all times. It’s useful in case your shoes drag in dirt, or if you have a pet that harms the seats.

How Easy It Is To Transport A Bike By Car

Transporting a bike with a car is no easy feat. Not only do you have to position it so it doesn’t block your view, but you also have to prepare your car for the dirt that the wheels will drag in. Even with a blanket, you’ll likely have to vacuum up the dirt afterwards.

Taking the wheels off your bike will be a hassle, but after that’s done, the hard part is over. Position your bike in a way where it won’t get damaged from bumpy roads or potholes. The best way to do this is by making sure it’s as flat against the seat as possible.

As for the wheels, keep them flat as well, not upright. Put them in the corner, or even keep them on the front seat next to you so you can keep an eye on them. If you’re keeping them in the back, make sure they won’t slide around by keeping them flat and in the corner.

Other Ways to Transport Your Bike

The easiest and most environmentally-friendly way to transport your bike is to ride it to where you’re going. If you’re going to a place far away, that makes riding your bike there much harder. However, if it’s somewhere nearby, consider using your bike to get there.

Another way is by getting a larger car to better transport the bike. Although easier said than done, you can also borrow from a friend who has a larger car, or you can get a rental car. Or if you’re looking for an upgraded car, you can purchase a new one.

A common way bike owners transport their bikes without putting it inside the car is by purchasing a rack and securing it on the back. You can get a bike rack for only 25 dollars at your local Walmart, and this alternative will fit larger bikes while also keeping dirt out of your car.

Final Thoughts

An average-sized bike can fit inside a Fiat 500, but larger bikes such as mountain bikes will not fit. The way you can make a bike fit is by folding the backseats down and placing the bike in the trunk. Depending on the bike’s size, you may need to remove one or both of its wheels.

Taking additional items such as a blanket and a toolkit will make the process much easier. Blankets will prevent dirt from ruining the seats, and a toolkit will help in case the bike gets damaged from the drive. A vacuum would also be helpful in case dirt gets on the seats.

Transporting a bike can be difficult, and there are alternatives. Riding your bike to your location is costly and environmentally-friendly if the distance is short. You can also rent a larger car or borrow one from a friend. Lastly, a bike rack is an effective and cheap way to transport a bike.

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