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Will a Bike Fit in a Subaru Crosstrek?

Will a Bike Fit in a Subaru Crosstrek

One of the larger Subaru vehicles is the Subaru Crosstrek. This SUV is known for having a lot more space, but will a bike fit in a Subaru Crosstrek? 

A bike will be able to fit into a Subaru Crosstrek. You will need to place the backseat down in order to get your bike to fit in the back. While most bikes can fit securely in the back as is, if you have a larger mountain bike you may need to remove the front wheel to get it to fit.

Are you interested in finding out how to fit your bike in a Subaru Crosstrek? You’re in the right spot. Today, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know before getting ready to put your bike in your SUV. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Fit Your Bike in a Subaru Crosstrek

Are you ready to pack up your Subaru Crosstrek to go on a biking journey? We have some great news for you. Fitting your bike into your Subaru Crosstrek is incredibly easy. Start by clearing everything out of your backseat and trunk. Then put your backseat all the way down. This will create a lot of space to place your bike in.

The best way to get your bike into the back of your Subaru Crosstrek is by sliding it in the back first. This will allow you to adjust the handlebars as needed to fit your bike in. Most bikes fit best when the front wheel is turned upwards. While most road bikes can be placed in the back easily with a little adjusting, some mountain bikes are a different story.

If your mountain bike is on the larger side, you may not be able to get it to fit into the Subaru Crosstrek by turning the handlebars. In this situation, you will need to remove the front wheel to get the bike to fit into the back of the vehicle. 

Additional Items You May Need When Transporting a Bike in a Subaru Crosstrek

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A Subaru Crosstrek is a great vehicle for bike riders to drive because it’s spacious enough for their bikes. If you’re only transporting your bike, you won’t need additional items. The only expectation is if you need to bring along a wrench to remove and reinstall your bike’s front wheel.

Additional items are only necessary when you want to transport more than one bike. You can fit two bikes on the back of your Subaru Crosstrek using the Subaru Bike Carrier- Hitch Mount. This will securely hold both bikes at the rear of your vehicle using a locking cable.

There is also the option to use a roof-mounted bike rack to transport the bikes on the roof of the car. With bike racks for vehicles, there are several options to choose from. It’s important to consider your bike’s setup and how you want to transport them before deciding on which roof rack to buy.

We recommend using a mountain bike multi-tool like this one to easily remove the wheels and seat on your mountain bike.

Can Two Bikes Fit in a Subaru Crosstrek?

Going on a bike ride is fun, but it’s always more enjoyable when a friend comes along with you. This may have you wondering if it’s possible to fit two bikes in the back of a Subaru Crosstrek. The good thing about the Subaru Crosstrek is that it has enough room in the back to fit two bikes.

This can work for nearly any type of bike, allowing people to fit two larger mountain bikes in the back area if need be. However, this will take more patience and a bit of adjusting to make work. 

It doesn’t matter what type or size of bikes you’re placing in the Subaru Crosstrek, you should always remove the front wheel of both bikes before placing them in the vehicle. You will need to place the bikes in the SUV one at a time. Put the larger bike on the bottom and then carefully stack the second bike on top. 

The Subaru Crosstrek is very spacious. Once you have two bikes carefully placed in the back, there should still be room to place your helmets, safety gear, and other items you have brought.

What Do You Do if You Need to Transport More Than 2 Bikes in a Subaru Crosstrek?

The Subaru Crosstrek is spacious, but it doesn’t have room to fit a group of bicycles. If you’re planning on a group trip, the only option that allows more than 2 bikes to fit is a roof rack. Most roof racks that fit the Subaru Crosstrek can safely hold up to 3 bikes. 

Keep in mind, the Subaru Crosstrek has a high roof. The vehicle doesn’t have anywhere to place your feet to make it easier to access the roof for assembling and loading bikes on a roof rack. If you use a roof rack, we recommend keeping a step stool or small ladder in your vehicle to make it easier to set up bikes safely on the roof.

Final Thoughts

Will a bike fit in a Subaru Crosstrek? Yes, you can easily fit any type of bicycle into the back of a Subaru Crosstrek. If you ride a larger mountain bike, you may need to remove the front wheel so it will fit in the back. Since this SUV is so spacious, you’ll be able to fit your biking accessories in the back as well.

Do you need to bring two bikes on your trip? This spacious vehicle can fit two bikes the back, however, you will need to remove the front wheels of both vehicles to make it fit.

In order to make sure your bike fits in the back of a Subaru Crosstrek you will need to clear out the back seat and trunk. You will also need to put the backseat down to create a larger area to fit the bike. If the bike seems like it may be a tight fit, you should turn the handlebars and point the front wheel upwards.

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