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Will a Mountain Bike Fit in a Jeep Cherokee?

Will A Mountain Bike Fit In A Jeep Cherokee

Mountain bikes are perfect for being able to navigate a variety of trails and terrains. If part of your active lifestyle includes biking through various areas of your locality, you may need to occasionally take your bike on the road to get to your intended destination. So will a mountain bike fit in a Jeep Cherokee, or is another car more suitable?

A mountain bike will be able to fit into your Jeep Cherokee, but you are going to have to do some maneuvering and deconstruction before it can fit in your Jeep safely. The size of your mountain bike is going to play a major role in how you can transport it. If you are looking for the easiest solution, a bike rack or mount may be your best bet. 

There are ways to ensure your mountain bike can get into your Jeep Cherokee without causing any damage to either mode of transportation. Just be prepared to have to do a little bit of work if you want your bike in your Jeep rather than mounted on your Jeep. 

How to Fit a Mountain Bike Into a Jeep Cherokee

To fit your bike into this car, you’re likely going to have to take one of the wheels off. Removing the front wheel is going to be easiest. This might be easier said than done depending on your particular mountain bike, as some have quick release wheels and others do not. Taking off a wheel can make a major difference in how the bike fits in your Jeep. 

You’ll also likely have to put down at least one of the middle seats of your Jeep to make room for your bike. Depending on the dimensions of your bike, you may even be able to fit it into your Jeep by putting all of the back seats down. 

How to Remove a Mountain Bike Wheel 

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If you don’t have quick release wheels on your mountain bike, you can still take the front wheel off. This can be a good option if you don’t want to invest in a bike rack and/or are waiting to be able to get one and want to take your mountain bike on the road in the meantime. 

You’ll need to have a wrench in order to loosen up the nuts or bolts that attach your wheel to the bike. Once you have them fairly loose, but not removed, you should be able to pull out the wheel with relative ease. You may need to get some help with this, as having the bike standing upright will make this whole process much easier. 

To put the wheel back on, you’ll want to have your bike upright once again. You’ll then have to slide your wheel back into place, making sure everything is perfectly aligned. Once that’s achieved, you can then secure the nuts back into the wheel with your wrench. 

We recommend using a mountain bike multi-tool like this one to easily remove the wheels and seat on your mountain bike.

Can You Stand Your Mountain Bike up in Your Jeep Cherokee?

You should lay your bike on its side to avoid having it move around too much in your Jeep, which could potentially damage both your car and your bike. This is also likely to make your bike fit into your Jeep much more easily. 

If you decide to stand your mountain bike up, and you find that it can fit in your Jeep by doing so, you should have some safeguards in place so it doesn’t fall. Some people will put something between the tires to make sure the bike doesn’t roll. You can also have the bike leaning to one side, or have an in-car bike rack to keep it standing. 

Additional Items You May Need When Transporting a Bike in This Car 

Having a bike rack to hold your bike in or on a car could be wise. If your bike is large, you can consider a mount that can attach your bike to the roof or back of your car. Roof racks will likely be too difficult for you to grab your bike off of, unless you’re tall. 

Many Cherokee owners opt for a hitch rack to make things much easier for them, saving them the time it takes to disassemble a bike for transport. Hitch racks can be attached to the back of your Jeep to help hold your bike securely as you make your way to your intended cycling destination. A hitch rack can also be helpful if you are wanting to transport multiple bikes. 

You don’t want to forget about bringing your bike back in your car after you’ve finished cycling. Your bike is likely going to get dirty, especially if you happen to cycle in an area with a lot of mud or dirt. 

You should have some cleaning products in your car to wipe off any loose dirt and debris so you don’t get your car dirty. If you’re planning to have your bike on its side in your car, having a blanket down can also help you keep your car clean during transport. 

Final Thoughts

You can transport a mountain bike in a Jeep Cherokee safely, but you won’t be able to just put it in your car and go. You will have to temporarily remove part of your bike so the bike isn’t too tall. The type of bike you have, of course, is going to play a major role in how easily you can get it into your Jeep. 

A Jeep Cherokee is a pretty large car with a spacious trunk, but you will likely have to put some seats down to accommodate your mountain bike. You should also be sure you have ways to clean your bike before putting it back into your Jeep. If that isn’t going to work for you, there are bike racks that can help you make transportation much easier. 

Since your Jeep Cherokee can help you make your way through tough terrain, it’s the perfect car to get you where you need to go until you can cycle the rest of the way. 

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