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Will a Mountain Bike Fit in a Subaru Forester?

will a mountain bike fit in a subaru forester

There are so many benefits to owning a mountain bike. They are a great way to enjoy the fresh air while staying in good shape. When it comes to getting in shape, we’ll take going out to the trails on a mountain bike over hitting the machines at the local gym any day. It’s a lot more exciting to go on an off-road adventure than stay indoors anyway. 

However, if you want to visit many trails then you’re going to need to drive with your mountain bike from location to location. If you drive a Subaru Forester, you may be wondering if a mountain bike will fit in it. Now, your mountain bike will fit inside a Subaru Forester but it will take some adjusting. While there are easier ways to transport a mountain bike in a Subaru Forester, many people prefer to travel with it inside their vehicle for security reasons.

Get your gear ready, because you have some trails to visit. Now you can start exploring all of the different off-road areas nearby because you’ll be able to fit your mountain bike in a Subaru Forester. Keep reading to find out how you can find your mountain bike in your vehicle smoothly and quickly, so you can spend your day enjoying the trails.

How to Fit Your Mountain Bike in a Subaru Forester

Before getting started, try to remove the headrests from the rear seats. It will be easier to get your mountain bike inside if you are able to remove the headrests first. This is because the headrests can get in the way and make it more difficult for the fork to settle in.

We recommend using a mountain bike multi-tool like this one to easily remove the wheels and seat on your mountain bike.

Put the rear seats down into a folded position. Make sure everything is level and in place so you can get the mountain bike inside without a hassle. Now that your vehicle is ready, you will need to get the mountain bike ready to fit inside.

It will take some adjusting to get the mountain bike inside safely because you will need to remove the front wheel and the seat first. It’s important not to force your mountain bike into the vehicle because you could cause damage. Although it may be more time-consuming, you will need to disassemble your mountain bike first.

How to Remove the Front Wheel From a Mountain Bike

If you’re turned off by the idea of having to disassemble your mountain bike before you leave, there’s nothing really to stress out about. It’s actually a lot easier than many people would think.

  1. The first thing you will need to do is release your breaks. There should be a lever that is located near the caliper which will release some of the cable tension allowing you to move the brake pads furthest away from the rim.
  2. Flip your bike over to make this process easier.
  3. For bikes with a quick-release: flip the quick-release lever in the open position.
  4. For bikes with thru axles: move the lever into the open position and turn it counterclockwise to unthread its axle so you can remove it from the hub.
  5. Now you should be able to lift the wheel up and remove it from the fork.

How to Reinstall the Front Wheel of a Mountain Bike

You won’t be able to bring that mountain bike in your Subaru Forester without removing the front wheel. There may not have been any issues getting that front wheel removed, but what about putting it back on? Follow these steps to reinstall the front wheel of a mountain bike. It’s just as easy as getting it off.

  1. The first thing you will need to do is carefully guide that wheel back onto the fork.
  2. For bikes with a quick-release: make sure the wheel gets settled completely in the bike’s dropouts. It’s important to have the quick-release axle on your bike’s non-drive side so it matches the wheel. Make sure you hold the lever in place and tighten the nut on the bike’s opposite side then push the lever in a closed position. 
  3. For bikes with thru axles: line the hub up with the holes that are at the bottom of the fork. Check to see which side of the fork is threaded and make sure to push its axle on the opposite side. You will need to turn its lever clockwise in order to thread the axle into the fork. Once it’s tight enough, set the lever in the closed position.
  4. Flip the bike over and spin the wheel to make sure the brake pads don’t rub against the bike’s rim.

How to Remove the Mountain Bike Seat

To make sure that mountain bike fits smoothly into your Subaru Forester, you will also need to remove the seat. In order to do this, you will need to have an allen wrench. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Using the fallen wrench, loosen the screw on the back of your mountain bike seat towards the bottom. 
  2. Loosen the screw so the seat is able to be removed, but don’t loosen it all the way, or else it may come out.
  3. When the clasp is loose enough, you should be able to lift the seat off. You may need to spin the top of the clasp if the seat doesn’t lift easily. 

That is all you need to do in order to get your mountain bike to fit into a Subaru Forester. Putting the seat back on is just as easy. Simply position the seat back onto the clasp, and move it around until you get it in your preferred position. Once you have it ready, you can use the fallen wrench to tightly screw it back in place.

Did you know that one of the best and most versatile ways to fit a mountain into your Ford Escape is to use a mountain bike rack like this one. It attaches to the rear of your SUV on the roof, trunk, and rear bumper.

Final Thoughts

Many mountain bike experts will say that it’s easier to travel with a bike rack, but a lot of people prefer to keep their bike in the vehicle. There is more security and peace of mind when their bike is in the back of their vehicle because they know it won’t encounter any unwanted damages. While it does take some altering, mountain bikes will fit in a Subaru Forester.

Before you travel, you’ll have to give yourself enough time to take the front wheel and the seat off of your bike. This will make it easier to fit your mountain bike inside. This will allow you to place the mountain bike inside your vehicle safely in an upright position. If done correctly, there should be enough room to fit two bikes in there.

The Outdoors
The Outdoors

Many drivers prefer to keep their bikes in an upright position because they are not comfortable with the idea of laying their mountain bike down. Traveling in a Subaru Forester allows people enough room to keep their bikes safely stored once they’re disassembled properly. All you need is an allen screw and some patience, and you’ll be ready to hit any trail you’d like to travel to.

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