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Will a Mountain Bike Fit in a Suitcase?

Will a Mountain Bike Fit in a Suitcase

Traveling to another part of the world and riding your mountain bike around scenic locations sounds like a dream trip. If you’re thinking about arranging a trip like this, one question you likely have is “will a mountain bike fit in a suitcase?

It is possible to fit a mountain bike in a large suitcase, however, you will need to disassemble the bike. Many travelers who have taken their mountain bikes on trips recommend using a hard case to securely pack a bike. However, before packing your bike, always check the luggage rules and restrictions for the airline you’re traveling with.

Do you want to bring your bike next time you travel? In order to do this, you will need to fit the mountain bike in a suitcase. Today, we’re going to discuss everything you should know about taking your mountain bike through the airport. Keep reading to learn more.

Can You Bring a Mountain Bike on a Plane?

Traveling should incorporate things that you enjoy doing. If you love biking, then you may want to explore more of the place you’re visiting on your mountain bike. Travelers are allowed to bring a mountain bike on an airplane. Of course, the bike is too big for a carry-on, but you are allowed to pack it in a suitcase to check before you board.

Now, before getting too excited, you will need to check the guidelines for the airline you’re flying with. They will have specific instructions for what is and isn’t allowed when flying with a bike.

If you can’t find any information on the airline’s guidelines for traveling with a bike, always call to confirm the rules. This will prevent you from having any hassles when you arrive at the airport. 

If biking is going to be a big part of your trip, you will need to know the airline’s rules around traveling with bikes before you purchase a ticket. While the majority of airlines will allow you to travel with a mountain bike, there are some airlines that won’t allow it. 

It’s also important to know what the restrictions are when traveling with a mountain bike. Every airline has different baggage policies. Make sure you take note of what the size restrictions are for the dimensions of your suitcase and the weight. This way you will be able to choose a suitcase that fits the airline’s guidelines for stress0free travel.

How Do You Pack a Mountain Bike For Traveling on a Plane?

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In order to pack a mountain bike for traveling on a plane, you will need to start by dissembling the bike. Make sure you remove the wheels and pedals. You will also need to disassemble the handlebars from the frame. Once you have the bike disassembled, you will be able to safely pack it for travel.

  1. Place all smaller and loose pieces in one of the side bags on your suitcase. This should include the tire skewers as well so they don’t cause damage to other pieces.
  2. The first section of the bike that you should place in the bag is the wheels. 
  3. Next, you can place the frame on top of the wheels. If you are using a bike case, there will be strappings that you can use to keep the frame and wheels secure. If your suitcase doesn’t have safety straps, we recommend using foam or bubble wrap to keep the bike parts secure.
  4. The next step depends on what suitcase you’re using. If you’re using a bike case, you can place the bottom bracket in the center of the case. However, if you’re using a suitcase, you will need to use bubble wrap (or something similar) to fill the bottom of the suitcase to keep all of your bike’s parts protected.
  5. With the remaining space, you will need to place your handlebars. You can also place the pedals and other bike accessories. 

We recommend using a mountain bike multi-tool like this one to easily remove the wheels and seat on your mountain bike.

Is a Mountain Bike Oversized Baggage?

Whether or not the mountain bike is oversized baggage will depend on the airline you’re traveling with. Some airlines don’t charge an extra fee for bike bags, while others will charge a fee for bags that are larger than specific dimensions. This is why we strongly recommend knowing the guidelines before purchasing a ticket. 

While every airline is different, it’s common for oversize baggage fees to be charged if the bike bag is longer than 115 inches or weighs more than 70 lbs. Always check with the airline to see what their fees are and other information you need to avoid them. 

Most airlines will allow oversized items for an extra fee. However, there are still limits to how large these items can be. When booking your flight, it will be stated which type of aircraft you’ll be traveling on. Your size limit will depend on which type of aircraft your trip is booked on.

Final Thoughts

Will a mountain bike fit in a suitcase? If you have a large suitcase or bike case, you will be able to fit a mountain bike in it for traveling. However, in order to get it to fit, you will need to disassemble the bike first. Once all the pieces have been taken apart, you will be able to fit them all in the large suitcase, along with padding.

Before you get too excited and think “Yay! I can travel with my mountain bike.” you should review the airline’s guidelines. Don’t purchase a ticket until you know for sure that you are allowed to travel with a bike bag. Even though many airlines don’t have an issue with it, some airlines won’t allow it. 

Also, make sure you know what the size and weight limits are for the baggage policy. If you show up to the airport prepared, you won’t have a hassle trying to check your bike bag on the airplane. You should also make sure you use bubble wrap, foam, or even t-shirts and towels to keep your bike protected while traveling.

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